Join Kalsi Solicitors in celebrating international women’s day. This year we celebrate the progress that women internationally have made following the aims and objectives set out in the 1995 UN declaration.

We recognise that further work needs to be input in all aspects of civic and political society. This event is aimed at bringing together an inter-agency approach to supporting women and refugees across the UK. 

We would be delighted for you to join us.

Event Itinerary

10am – 10.30am : Registration

10.30am – 10.35am : Introduction

10.35am – 11.30am : Guest Speakers

11.30am – 12.30am : Refreshments

Reina Pathan

Reina is a human rights lawyer, advocate and writer. She is the founder of Beyond Boundaries – a platform dedicated to galvanising the empowerment of girls and young women from minority communities. Reina has a plethora of experience working with women including those from refugee, asylum-seeking and minority backgrounds both on a domestic and international level. She was the lead researcher for a public report on “Muslim Women’s Experiences of the Criminal Justice System” and has dedicated her career in the public and private sector, to advocating for the rights and recognition of women from minority communities.

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Danielle Staple

Danielle has a strong base of knowledge and experience of applications based on Human Rights, Asylum, all types of Entry Clearance applications, Points-Based System applications, Long Residence and also the European applications to name a few.

Danielle also has conduct of cases involving vulnerable members of the public such as children, disabled adults, persons with mental and medical difficulties, detained persons and also victims of trafficking and domestic violence again to name a few.

In addition to the above, Danielle has conduct of her own hearings at the First Tier Tribunals for all applications. Having trained in Public Law, she also has significant experience in submitting and having conduct of applications to the Upper Tribunal and this can involve many deadlines, out of hours work and the need for attention to detail. These are skills which she has significantly developed over her years of work.

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