With upcoming changes and the United Kingdom leaving Europe, European citizens and their family members, who are currently living in the UK, may wish to consider obtaining confirmation of your right of residence in the UK under European law.

For European citizens wishing to relocate to the UK in the future, there are key considerations to make, in light of the EU Referendum vote for Brexit, and there may be alternative options available to you and your family. GB Immigration has extensive experience advising on many aspects of European law and can advise you on other visa categories to help you decide the best course of action to take with Brexit in mind.

Under the present regulations, a European citizen may live and work in the UK if they are deemed as exercising their treaty rights as a worker, a self-employed individual, a self-sufficient person or as a student. This right is extended to family members, including those that are not EEA nationals.

Evidencing your rights as a European citizen may not be easy and, in some cases, extensive evidence is required. GB Immigration has a team of leading immigration lawyers who can advise you on the options available for you and your family to live and work in the UK through your European citizen rights.

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EEA National Services

Applying for your Registration Certificate as an EEA National

For those deemed as exercising their treaty rights as a worker,  self-employed, self-sufficient or a student, we can help to obtain a certificate confirming their rights of residence.

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Applying for your non EEA family member from outside the UK

For EEA nationals looking to bring their Non EEA family members to the UK, we can assist in the submission of the EEA Family Permit.

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Applying for your non EEA family member to extend their stay from inside the UK

For EEA nationals wishing to extend their non EEA Family members’ stay in the UK, we can assist in obtaining 5 years residence in the UK.

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Having completed the required residency criteria, our expert team can assist in the application of Permanent Residency

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Marriage breakdown

In the event of the marriage breaking down, it is possible in certain circumstances for our team to assist in applying for continued residency in the UK.

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Challenging a refusal

In the event that you have applied for an EEA related matter and received a refusal, our expert team are able to appeal the decision to the Immigration Tribunal.

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