As a recognised refugee or someone who has been granted humanitarian protection, you may have a right to bring your family members to be reunited with you in the UK under the family reunion rules.

While the family reunion process can be complex and daunting, at GB Immigration our team of experts can help you achieve the best possible outcome. We understand you want to start the next chapter in your family life quickly and with minimal disruption and expense.

Applying for family reunion

To apply for a family reunion visa, your relationship with the UK based refugee sponsor must have been in existence prior to their flight: e.g. you were married before they left the country. If your relationship was formed after they fled their country of origin, normal rules must be met under part 8 of the Immigration Rules.

Family reunion applications do not attract requirements of adequate maintenance and accommodation, finances or English language.  

Most applications for family reunion are made from abroad, however if you have already reached the UK, there are provisions allowing you to apply for leave to remain on this basis.

Proving your relationship

The most important element of a family reunion application is that you can demonstrate that you were already a qualifying family member of the refugee at the point of the refugee’s departure from his home country; i.e. you were a “pre-flight” dependant. It is important that you provide the right supporting documents. Usually the refugee already has mentioned the existence of their spouse or children as part of his or her initial asylum application

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Family Reunion

Applying for your family reunion application from abroad

If you wish to apply to enter the UK as the family member of a refugee, we can assist you in the application process. With all family reunion entry clearance visas having to be submitted online, we can do this and book your visa appointment.

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Applying for your family reunion application from within the UK

If you are already in the UK and you believe you have a right to remain on the basis of family reunion rules, we can assist you in submitting your application for leave to remain to the Home Office.

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Challenging a refusal

If your family reunion application has been refused, our team of experts can submit your appeal, prepare your appeal documents and represent you in your hearing at the First or Second Tier tribunal.

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