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If you have been recognised as a refugee, have humanitarian protection status, discretionary leave to remain or have been granted settlement (indefinite leave to remain) on any of the above categories, you may apply for a Travel Document to travel outside the UK.

While the Travel Document application process can be complex and daunting, at GB Immigration our team of experts can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Applying for a Travel Document

There are 4 different types you can apply for, depending on your status:

  • Convention refugee travel document: if you have been recognised as a refugee or if you are the family member of a refugee and have come to join them under the family reunion rules
  • Certificate of travel: if you hold ILR status in the UK, Discretionary Leave to Remain or Humanitarian Protection and you can demonstrate that you have been refused a passport by your own national authorities.
  • Stateless person’s document: if you have been recognised as a stateless person
  • One-way travel document: if you want to leave and not return

You must have permission to stay in the UK for at least six months from the date when you make your application. This is because other countries may not accept your travel document if you have less than six months’ permission to return to the United Kingdom. If your current permission to remain in the UK will expire in less than six months, you must apply to extend your stay before you can apply for a travel document.

You may normally travel to any country except for the country from which asylum or other form of protection was sought. If successful, your travel document will be valid for ten years if you have indefinite leave to remain. Otherwise, your travel document will be valid for the same period as your current leave.

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Travel documents

Applying for your travel document

If you wish to apply for a travel document, we can assist you in the application process. Applications can be made by post or online, depending on your preference. You may also have to apply for a biometric residence card before this.


Applying for your family members

If you have family members who you also wish to apply a travel document for, they can be included in your application however you must pay for each applicant separately. 


Challenging a refusal

If your travel document application has been refused, you cannot appeal this decision. However, there may be a possibility to make a formal reconsideration request to the Home Office, or start Judicial Review proceedings if their decision was wrong in law.


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