Danielle Staple

Consultant Solicitor


Place of birth: Jamaica
Job Role: Consultant Solicitor
Start Date with Kalsi Solicitors: Oct 15, 2018
Office based in: Leicester
Languages spoken: English
Favourite movie: Titanic
Best concert / live performance you have ever been to: Britney Spears
Last 3 holiday locations you have been to: Jamaica, New York
Dream holiday location you have yet to have travelled to: Bali
A fun fact about you!: I used to played tennis competitively.


Academic Education: Bachelors Degree
Professional Qualifications: Law Society Immigration & Asylum – Senior Caseworker Accreditation


Background: I have been in the field of Immigration and Public Law since the year 2009.
Expertise: I have a wide range of specialist experience and knowledge with all aspects of Immigration and Public Law. I have dealt with all types of applications from the simple to the complex to include asylum, deportations, appeals to the First Tier and Upper Tribunals and also the High Court.

  • Danielle Staple

    Consultant Solicitor

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