Farhang Faraj

Trainee Solicitor


Place of birth: Al-Sulaymaniyah
Job Role: Trainee Solicitor
Start Date with Kalsi Solicitors: Jul 27, 2017
Office based in: Liverpool
Languages spoken: English & Kurdish Sorani
Favourite sports team (if any!): Arsenal
Favourite movie: My cousin Vinny
Best concert / live performance you have ever been to: Nas and Meek Mill
Last 3 holiday locations you have been to: Madeira, Iraq and Netherlands
Dream holiday location you have yet to have travelled to: Fiji
A fun fact about you!: A huge reading fan
What made you want to practice law: I wanted to practice law, to exert my knowledge to assist and protect those who are left out in today’s ever changing society because I believe law is the safest helmet.
“The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. For in all the states of created beings capable of law, where there is no law, there is no freedom.” John Locke


Academic Education: Masters Degree, Bachelors Degree
University for Master Degree: University of Central Lancashire
Subject/Course for Master Degree: Law with LPC
Grade for Masters Degree: 2:1
University for Bachelors Degree: University of Central Lancashire
University for Bachelors Degree: University of Central Lancashire
Subject/Course for Bachelors Degree: Law (LLB) with Criminology
Grade for Bachelor Degree: 2:1
Professional Qualifications: Law Society Immigration & Asylum – Senior Caseworker Accreditation
Law Society Immigration & Asylum – Probationary Caseworker Accreditation


Background: I started my career off as a highly motivated asylum caseworker dealing with clients from nations such as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Morocco and Sudan. I soon developed my art in becoming an expert caseworker for Middle Eastern as well as North African nations.
Through my humble beginnings of working alongside experienced solicitors, I soon managed my own caseload with cases ranging from asylum to private immigration cases such as family based visas and spouse visas
Expertise: All aspects of asylum, Spouse visas, Humanitarian claims & Family based visas.

  • Farhang Faraj

    Trainee Solicitor

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